Human Genome Project

Hear from those who were involved in the huge task of decoding the human genome

The UK played a huge part in decoding the entire sequence of DNA bases in the human genome - over 3 000 000 000 of them.

The sequence of bases the Human Genome Project (HGP) produced, annotated with information about the locations of genes, provided a huge resource for researchers. Using this new information, research that had taken years could be accomplished in hours or days. More complex research became realistic, including exploring the genetic factors in common disease.

The data was all released freely onto the internet, allowing access for all. Researchers continue to use the data and are constantly annotating this string of letters with the information encoded in our DNA and how our environment influences it.

The project was exciting for all those involved, but the data produced is allowing for even more in-depth research with results that could lead to applications in identity, health and evolution.

Here you can hear from some of the people involved in sequencing the human genome.

Sir John Sulston led the UK's contribution to the Human Genome Project.

Sir John Sulston was instrumental in making human genome data freely available.

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Prof. Francis Collins led the US contribution to the Human Genome Project.

'The most significant organised scientific adventure that humankind has ever been on'

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Lucy Matthews led a team at the Sanger Centre (now Institute) during the Human Genome Project.

Lucy Matthews became part of the Human Genome Project through her involvement in the sequencing of C. elegans.

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A genome research centre set up in 1992 by the Wellcome Trust, which played a substantial role in the sequencing and interpretation of the human genome.

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The Sanger Institute's page on the Human Genome Project.

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The Wellcome Trust
The UK’s largest independent charity, funding biomedical research including the HGP.

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